2017 is now just around the corner and it’s going to be another year of ups and downs in the market for everybody. So even before the 2016 ends, it would be wise if you already have a gameplan for the next year’s marketing campaigns. This way, you already have a sense of what to do to up the ante for your branding and product activations. If you’re looking for fresh and innovative approaches, mind considering the quick rise of augmented reality in the Philippines?

Augmented reality in the Philippines is quickly making momentum as being one of the most sought after tools for brand experiences marketing events and product launches. Waveplay Interactive has also been a leading service provider for interactive event enhancements (such as custom motion games, virtual reality, touch screens, interactive digital photobooths in the Philippines), having served the biggest names in the corporate and marketing industry.

Waveplay is also known for its wide array of interactive digital photobooths in the Philippines, as we create surreal immersive experiences while incorporating the brand message during the photo taking activity.

The New Year is great for us to start a new beginning for everything and establish ourselves much better compared to how we did the past few years or so. So, do away with your usual marketing habits and creating a better, more dynamic list of resolutions.

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