About Us

Waveplay Interactive Inc.

Waveplay Interactive, a leader in interactive event experiences in the Philippines, creates innovative and engaging events for both local and international brands that are competitive and high-class. From motion games, interactive displays, augmented reality, touchscreens, contactless activations, premium photo, and video booths, to virtual and hybrid event microsites, we are constantly introducing game-changing innovations that fascinate visitors on an all-immersive level.

Waveplay, led by CEO Sharon Yu Ong, began in 2011 as a group motion idea that transformed crowds into human joysticks by allowing people to wave their hands to operate a branded game. SM Cinema, Asia's first interactive cinema, implemented this concept in Winema, followed by Eat Bulaga's "Wave Wave Wave, Win Win Win," the country's first interactive audience game program on television.

Games may be great marketing tools not just because they are entertaining and instantly captivate people's attention, but also because they tap into people's competitive drive and the inherent need for rewards.

For instance, we customize different motion games for events in Singapore. Whether it is for product promotions, trade shows, corporate parties, gala events, product training, conferences, seminars, product launches, networking events, summits, award presentations, etc., we offer the best hybrid events that guests could ever experience in Singapore.

Waveplay continues to create more interactive and engaging concepts for target audiences and clients with numerous tailored activities for sales conferences, brand events, activations, product launches, and expos. Different brands, advertising agencies, and event organizers then take advantage of these interactive systems for their campaigns and marketing. Waveplay has done recurring work for businesses in the FMCG, personal care, healthcare, construction, banking, telecommunications, technology, fast food, BPO, and leisure industries.

Waveplay also created 360 Selfie PH, which offers high-end lifestyle event concepts focusing on instagrammable picture and video content, such as the 360 Selfie video booth, GlamShot Infinity, Runway Studio, and Holo Foto, the country's first immediate hologram photo booth.

The whole event business faced its worst threat yet in March of 2020 when the epidemic struck and all physical meetings were halted. While most events were shifting to Zoom webinars and Facebook live streams, Waveplay wanted to execute the same interactions that brands and event organizers used to undertake on-site online. As a result, Webplay, the Philippines' first completely configurable virtual/hybrid events platform, was born. Since then, the award-winning Webplay Virtual Events Platform has been chosen for some of the Philippines' largest virtual events, including PH Digicon, Coca-Cola, PCCP, W.H.O., PMA Virtual, and others. All virtual venue microsites are one-of-a-kind, simple to use, device neutral, extremely reliable, and ready to debut in a matter of weeks.

And now, due to its amazing services and fabulous concepts that have turned into reality, Waveplay is now expanding its services across the world, notably in Singapore. So, whether you're planning an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, let your creativity run wild and let us bring it to life. Let us help you turn your concepts or imaginations into reality!