Filipinos are a very engaged audience. They easily relate to everything they sense in their surroundings, and this makes them a very lucrative consumer base when it comes to brand marketing. Filipinos are also very curious and outgoing by nature, and they cannot resist checking out a new store, a new product, or a new brand in town.

If you are planning to invade the Filipino market, then you might as well take on a new strategy by capitalizing on user experience. Why? Because Filipinos value experience, and they gauge their decisions mostly on how they have felt about a certain memory and in this case, you create brand memories with them.

Event ideas Philippines

What kind of event ideas are Filipinos usually fond of? If you intend to spice up your brand’s events scene, then here are some ideas to check out:

  • Interactive Photobooths. People love taking photos and photobooths are staples in events, but if you want your brand to stand out, you have to level it up! We specialize in a wide array of creative, unique, and tailor fitted interactive photobooth experiences just for your brand with many features to choose from– augmented reality, motion sensing, interactive involvement, interactive scenes, gamified photobooths, to name a few. Our interactive photobooths are perfect for booths during conventions as well as foyer activities during events and launches. Below are just some samples of our work. If you’re interested in seeing the rest of our interactive photobooths, please feel free to get in touch with us through 5060617 and 09175411516.