Discover Our Must-Try Interactive Displays

When it comes to creating memorable interactive events, Waveplay Interactive leads the way with a range of services designed to engage and captivate audiences. From an interactive photo booth to an LED wall, our technology turns ordinary gatherings into extraordinary experiences. If you’re looking to infuse your next event with creativity and innovation, here are the must-try interactive displays we offer.

  1. Sensory Art: Immerse in Interactive Art Experiences

With Sensory Art, we transform traditional art into interactive displays. Originally introduced during the launch of Van Gogh Alive in Manila, Sensory Art allows guests to engage with art in unique ways. The applications are versatile, from a free-flowing art wall to moving individual parts of an artwork. You can even mask a logo with a customisable background, creating an immersive brand experience. These customisable elements also allow for video capture with branded outputs, providing guests with a memorable souvenir from your interactive events.

  1. Digital Puppet: Bring Stories to Life

Inspired by live 3D puppet attractions from world-class theme parks, Waveplay Interactive‘s Digital Puppet technology is perfect for family-friendly events, school tours, and live streaming. This 3D puppet, controlled live by our team, responds to a voice actor, creating a surprise element for audiences when it greets them personally. It’s not just entertaining—it’s also a fantastic educational tool that can tell your brand’s story in a captivating way.

  1. Giant Scratch Card: Larger-Than-Life Rewards

Our Giant Scratch Card offers instant gratification on a massive scale. Guests scratch the interactive LED floor to reveal if they’ve won a prize. This service is fully customisable, allowing you to set prize categories, frequency, and data logging for prizes given away. It’s a fun and engaging way to keep audiences entertained and excited throughout your interactive events.

  1. Selfie Registration + Live Mosaic Mural: A Picture-Perfect Experience

This service lets guests take a photo through our touch screen and instantly become part of a larger mosaic mural. As each photo is added, the mural comes to life, revealing a larger image. All elements, from the interface to the animations, are customisable, ensuring a unique experience that suits your event’s theme. This interactive photo booth adds a personalised touch to your events, creating memorable moments that guests will love to share.

  1. Augmented Reality Experience: Bringing Virtual to Reality

Our Augmented Reality Experience allows you to create interactive displays that fit your brand and story. The possibilities are endless—whether it’s an augmented reality photo booth or a unique AR Meet and Greet experience. This technology provides a dynamic and engaging way to interact with your audience, enhancing their event experience.

Level Up Your Events with Waveplay Interactive

Waveplay Interactive offers a variety of services to make your interactive events unforgettable. If you need an interactive photo booth, an LED wall, and beyond, we bring innovation and creativity to every display. If you’re planning an event in Singapore and want to ensure it’s an immersive experience, consider us for your next event. With our interactive displays, your guests will leave with memories that last a lifetime.