Enhancing Customer Experience through Interactive Immersive Events

In a bid to revolutionize the retail electricity market and empower customers and investors, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), in partnership with USAID, launched the Competitive Retail Electricity Market (CREM) Monitoring and Reporting System. This innovative system, accompanied by the Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) Scorecard Survey, aims to provide consumers with the ability to choose suppliers based on informed choices and better decision-making strategies.

To celebrate this milestone, a captivating and immersive event was organized, incorporating cutting-edge technology and interactive experiences.

CREM Launch

The launch of the CREM (Competitive Retail Electricity Market) system was used with anamorphic billboards like 3D LED cubes created by Waveplay Interactive. These interactive displays served as a medium to highlight the system’s features and benefits to the guests. By utilizing touch screens, the event organizers ensured that participants could actively engage with the technology, experiencing firsthand the user-friendly interface and comprehensive information available through the CREM system.

What truly made the event remarkable was the unique interactive table stage setup, augmented with anamorphic immersive LED displays. This dynamic combination created a visually stunning experience, captivating the audience’s attention and fostering a sense of excitement and curiosity. The anamorphic animations projected onto the LED displays brought the CREM system to life, making it more accessible and easier to comprehend.

The utilization of interactive tables enabled attendees to explore various aspects of the CREM system at their own pace. By interacting directly with the technology, they could delve deeper into its functionalities and benefits, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how it could transform their electricity procurement experience. This hands-on approach enhanced the event’s educational aspect, ensuring that participants were left with a heightened sense of knowledge and confidence in making informed decisions.

The integration of advanced technologies, such as touch screens, immersive LED displays, and interactive tables, showcases the potential of event technology to deliver memorable and impactful experiences. This interactive and immersive event format not only elevated the launch of the CREM system but also served as a blueprint for future events, emphasizing the importance of experiential and immersive elements in engaging audiences and communicating complex concepts effectively.

The successful launch of the CREM Monitoring and Reporting System, accompanied by the RES Scorecard Survey, marks a significant milestone in the retail electricity market. By embracing innovative technologies and immersive experiences, the Energy Regulatory Commission has demonstrated its commitment to empowering customers and investors in making informed choices.