Gardenia #Sandwichit Machine

Gardenia #Sandwichit Machine

We love bringing interactive digital ideas to real life and give real life activities an interactive digital twist. =D

Like… making a sandwich! During mornings, I look forward to spreading some yummy cheese and butter on my Gardenia just gives me a bright start during the day! So when we were tasked to create a Gardenia Sandwich Making Game, we wanted to replicate the happy experience you feel every time you prepare a Gardenia Sandwich in real life!

Have to admit.. every time we test this game, it gets me hungry =P

Then…….Tadaa!! You get the real version of the Gardenia Sandwich you just made.

The Hit Maker’s Sandwich Bar is making its rounds among the schools in the Metro. These are some of the photos (c/o Gardenia’s FB Page)

Like it? =) Interested in having an interactive gimmick for your event? Call us at 632-5060617!