Big names, small names and vendors of all kinds! Asia Pop Comic-Con 2018 is one of those events that we can call “the great levelers.” No matter what your personal status is outside of the event, once you’re inside, you can see everyone’s (and we mean EVERYONE) passion all over! It’s massive and throbbing with characters you see in your televisions and cinemas come to life, portrayed by costume enthusiasts. It’s the bar in Star Wars where people from many worlds and time periods collide. It’s green hair and ray guns, steel claws and robots, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, Goth and Middle-earth. It’s every genre imaginable colliding and reforming into something completely new. It’s manic. It’s glorious.

One of the best ways to capture that unique and marvelous moments in Asia Pop Comicon is the Globe 180 Selfie. Check out the five cool and trendy Globe 180 Selfies during the event:


Ever had the desire to be part of the Avengers Team? I do!