How to Adopt an Event Producer’s Mindset

Producing successful hybrid or virtual events will take a lot of work. They can be as complex as face to face events. To be more efficient and practical, you should have the mentality of an event creative technologist. 

As an event producer, you will be in charge of coming up with the best agenda that will be suitable to both virtual and in-person participants. Your virtual or hybrid event platform must have an effective and engaging design. 

Waveplay Interactive wants to share with you the common considerations that event producers usually tell themselves while preparing for an event. Take a look at them:

  1. Length of the sessions

As the event organizer, you must ask how long will the sessions take? Thirty minutes? An hour? Moreover, you should decide whether all sessions will have the same lengths, or they will be varied depending on the need. Just make sure that each session will be long enough for the topic to be delivered with enough information. In addition, they must not be too long so that the attendees will get bored soon. 

  1. Number of sessions to host daily

Even in f2f events, organizers limit the sessions per day to keep the attendees from being overwhelmed by information. While onsite audiences may want more sessions to maximize their time since they have travelled all the way to the venue, virtual attendees may have a shorter attention span due to prolonged screen exposure. One suggestion you can adopt is offering a fewer number of sessions to the online participants. Then, they should be given the opportunity to access the on-demand topics at their available time. 

  1. Similarity of session for in-person and virtual attendees

Hybrid events are a combination of face to face events and a virtual events platform. As much as you would want all your attendees to be fed with the same information, your online and on-site attendees will have some different needs. For this reason, you should decide whether all sessions will be available to both audiences or not. If not, you would have to prepare separate sets of sessions and activities.

  1. Considering event analytics

Post-event actions must be given enough attention too. Your team should gain insights after hosting the hybrid event. You can do this by sending out a survey to the attendees to get their thoughts about the event. You must also gather and analyze the participants’ data during the event. See to it that you follow up on the attendees who have asked questions, attended most sessions, and interacted with the sponsors. 

Keep Going

Hosting a hybrid event can be overwhelming at first. It can be more stressful than face to face events, considering that you have to deal with two sets of audiences. However, with the right hybrid event platform, things will be easier to handle. 

Waveplay Interactive can give you helpful insights on how to improve your hybrid event. Just message us today, and we will gladly help you out.