How to Make your Event Stand Out this Holiday Season

You always want your event to be the best that it can be, especially during the holiday season where everyone is excited for the festivities. Explore opportunities to elevate your event’s quality and standard by reading through these tips and make your holidays more memorable:


  1. Create a festive atmosphere.


Encourage holiday cheer by offering interactive activities. If you can get your guests to be involved, they will have a more powerful experience. Through Waveplay Interactive’s Augmented Reality games, your guests will be able to have fun while interacting with each other.  This is perfect for family gatherings and corporate events where a large group of people needs to be entertained. Check out this Running Man game where everybody gets fired up to run as fast as they could to set a record.

  1. Capture the moment.


You would want to make sure that your event is memorable for your guests and there is no better way of doing this by providing photo and video booths where they can capture their experiences to their heart’s content. If you are looking for the hippest trend in town, check out the Pyramid by 360 Selfie where your guests can walk the runway like professional models. If you are looking for a trendy photobooth experience, choose Holo Foto by 360 Selfie PH. Holo Foto is a fully customizable holographic moving image, a pretty cool souvenir for your guests to keep. Check out this Frozen-themed Holo Foto experience that gives off a major winter vibe.

  1. Make it fun for everyone.


You have to make sure that nobody gets left out, regardless of age and gender. The perfect way to do this is to introduce activities that can be well-enjoyed by everyone. Waveplay Interactive makes this possible through its Throw Wall technology. Relive the arcade experience of throwing balls to a screen and make it more fun for people of extreme ages. Check out Throw Wall at Smart x Mobile Legends and witness fun unfold.

  1. Create a memorable experience.


Create an unforgettable opportunity for your guests to engage their senses this holiday season. Through Waveplay Interactive’s Sensory Art, your guests will be able to enjoy a visual experience that moves with their command.