Interactive Games

What makes an event memorable? It’s when it encourages people to speak out, share ideas and interact with each other. Once your audience arrives, you have to make sure that you keep them interested and motivated to participate in the activities. One way to make this happen is through setting up interactive games in your venues. Waveplay Interactive offers a myriad of fun and immersive activities that you could try to level up your events. 

Augmented reality motion games. Create an unforgettable digital experience for your audience through AR motion games. This provides a leverage for your brand as you show off the latest motion tracking effect in a super fun way. Check out the Slime AR game during the Globe at Home event. 

Group motion games. This is perfect for corporate events and any activity which involves a large crowd. These interactive games use cameras that detect the motion and movement of the participants. Not only does it provide a greater entertainment value, but it also fosters good relationship and cooperation among the group. The participants during the team building event at P&A Grant Thornton surely enjoyed this customized Waveplay Motion Game. 

Interactive floor. Utilize your floor and transform it into an interactive one to attract your audience. Geared with sound, vibrant colors and unique visual effects, the Interactive Floor by Waveplay Interactive offers your guests a unique kind of fun that is happening right under their eyes. You can set-up different customizable games from puzzles to cyber hockey. 

These interactive games can be developed and customized according to your event theme and target audience. This makes it more personalized and would therefore bring your brand closer to the public. Aside from promoting your brand and product, you are also providing a unique kind of fun and enthusiasm. 


Interactive games in the Philippines is the current trend that you should not miss out. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, you should invest in the groundbreaking technology of interactive event games. It’s worth it.