Interactive social media posts are taking the internet by storm. This creative yet effective new way of reaching your brand’s target market is nothing short of genius. By combining the ingenuity of interactive technology and the brand’s creative juices, you can now let anyone experience the brand in your events and get your brands boosted on social media.

Once posted on social media accounts, these interactive social media posts then convert the social media followings into leads which then move towards sales, making them perfect marketing collaterals to be posted on your brand ambassadors’ social media feed. To shine light on this, here are these aces you should really have under your sleeves.


LoopAR takes a page from one of Boomerang’s books and created a more interactive videobooth way of creating a video clip looped infinitely while adding more to the plate. Unlike the usual Boomerang, you can go all out and customize the augmented reality effects and apply branding according to your marketing objectives. This interactive videobooth goes well with events that are both fun yet focused such as foyer activities, booth setups, and what have you.

360 Selfie

This takes your ordinary still selfie into a video but super leveled up, making it one of the best interactive photobooths/videobooths there is. Instead of just capturing one of yours and your guests’ best sides, 360 Selfie – 360 camera experience – gets all of them in one swoop. Simply stand on the platform and do your best pose and we’ll take care of the rest. This is definitely not your ordinary interactive photobooth as it melds perfectly with augmented reality technology. With this on your side, we’re sure you and your guests will be lining up to take their own and post it on social media!


So, are you ready to go viral with these interactive social media posts? Great! Contact us now!