Lessons for Turning Your Event into a Virtual Success


1.Create a plan. 

At the very heart of all successful events is a solid game plan, regardless of whether it’s for an in-person or virtual event. You must establish what kind of experience you hope to deliver to your audience and what format will yield the best results. Consider the kind of event you want to conduct and the number of participants you plan to accommodate. Webplay Virtual Events, the first homegrown virtual event platform launched in the Philippines has been utilized by the biggest brands and companies for different kinds of online events from product launches, grocery expos, medical conferences, brand events, business conventions, exhibits, showrooms, virtual booths, and many more. Webplay is able to accommodate all types of audiences with high traffic just like the Philippine College of Physicians Virtual Medical Convention with over 15,000 participants.

2.Make it inclusive and accessible.

Just like regular in-person events, make sure that your virtual event is as accessible as possible to a wide audience. Make sure to use clear language, large fonts, and professional visuals across all segments of your online event. Also utilize a virtual event platform that is straightforward like Webplay Virtual Events. Webplay is entirely a browser-based experience without the need to install any applications and can be navigated using different devices such as laptops, tablets, IOS and even Android phones. It is fully immersive and interactive and is the most ideal way to give your participants a unique online experience in this era of new normal. Furthermore, this online platform has security access features to ensure the privacy of your participants. 

3.Encourage engagement.

Even during virtual events, your attendees can still engage with each other if you utilize the right online virtual event organizer in the Philippines.  Webplay allows your participants to connect with each other in real time with group chats, video calls, networking lounges and a multitude of interactive events. You can also bring your partners and sponsors online with exhibit halls and virtual halls. 

4.Put on a show.

The final challenge with virtual events is creating an atmosphere that captures the same excitement and sense of community as the physical event. As an event organizer you should develop a sound strategy and event format that would perfect the “look and feel” of the virtual activity. Incorporate different creative technologies and feature high-tech graphics, slides and videos. 

If you are planning your own virtual event, contact us at Waveplay Interactive. Our team of professionals, planners and creative technologists are more than willing to help you achieve your goals.