Make Your Touchless Events Memorable with These Apps

Who said hybrid events will never be at par with on-site activities? While we all love the physical interactions that in-person parties can let us experience, of course, we want to be safe too. Good thing, with contactless events, participants can still enjoy and interact with each other.

Even here in the Philippines, online events are becoming the trend too. Most companies and organizations have already accepted the fact that the new normal involves touchless events. For this reason, marketers are also promoting such activities to prospective clients.

So, businesses are asking: How can we make these contactless events unforgettable for our guests?

Fun Activities to Include in Your Hybrid Events

Waveplay Interactive, the multi-awarded interactive display provider in the Philippines, got your hybrid and online events covered! We have very exciting products and services that can enhance the guest experience. You can check out some of our apps that are in-demand for contactless events:

  1. Hybrid Photobooth

Whether your event is virtual or onsite, this touchless Hybrid Photobooth will let your participants take photos. This app will let them do interesting stuff, including changing their background, choosing stickers and frames, and doing a Boomerang.

  1. Instagram/Facebook AR Filters

Do you want your guests to keep a memento from your online events? They can use our augmented reality camera filters. This app is very effective in engaging the audience in a quirky game or trying a branded filter. This is one good feature that can also effectively market your event on Instagram or Facebook.

  1. Photobomb

This app will surely be a hit in your hybrid event! It allows your participants to get a photo op with your brand’s endorsers. Expect that they will excitedly share their photos on social media, thus promoting your brand and event for you.

  1. Running Man

If you want an exciting game that is perfect for contactless events, the Running Man Games are one great choice. These games, which are fully customizable, can be participated by one to four players.

  1. Red Light Green Light

Another interactive but touchless game that can be included in hybrid events is the Red Light Green Light Game, which is inspired by the Korean series hit “Squid Game”. It will allow your guests to experience a bit of how it is to be part of the popular but controversial fictitious game.

  1. Webplay Games

We can also create interactive games for your market. These games are meant to educate your participants about your business and brand. These games can be stand-alone activities or can also be part of virtual booths or the Webplay Virtual Events platform.

Plan Your Event Now

If you want the best hybrid event platform for your upcoming activity, Waveplay Interactive can help you. In 2021, we have been recognized at London’s Event Technology as the “Best Event Platform”. That means your event will be in good hands with us.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Waveplay Interactive for your upcoming touchless event.