Newest Augmented Reality Trends to Watch for

What are the newest trends that your hybrid events must have this 2022? From interactive photobooths to interactive games, you can find a lot of brand-new activities from the multi-awarded interactive displayer provider in the Philippines—Waveplay Interactive.

We have new augmented reality activities that event organizers will be excited about. And if you are one of those who are eyeing fresh ideas for their upcoming virtual or hybrid events, you better check out our newest offers:

  1. Digital Passport + Lucky Vault

This is an integrated activity that your participants can access through their gadgets without the need for app downloads. By completing the event’s activities provided through the Digital Passport, they will unlock corresponding badges. Then, they will get a code and have a chance to win prizes at the Lucky Vault.

The Digital Passport + Lucky Vault is fully customizable, and it can be integrated into the hybrid event’s existing activities. It also provides data gathering and analytics features. The Digital Passport can be a separate activity, but it goes with the Lucky Vault to incentivize guests most of the time.

  1. Snap and Share

If you are looking for an interactive photobooth, you should incorporate Snap and Share into your hybrid event. This integrated creative technology will let your brand create customized video and photo experiences. The guests will have contactless access to their videos and photos on the spot by using their smartphones.

Snap and Share is also perfect for your event if you want to collect insights about a target market. For example, you can use it to conduct a registration step or survey before the guests can download photos and videos. Moreover, this app is fully customizable and has various features that can benefit your marketing activities.

  1. A.R. Scavenger Hunt

This augmented reality game is inspired by the popular anime Pokemon Go. This creative technology will set your guests racing to search for hidden branded icons that can be found in the video. To find these icons, all they need is to use their phones to scan them. Once they find all the branded icons, they can win thrilling prizes.  

This touchless augmented reality game is completely customizable, from the registration, designs, and campaign messaging insertions down to the user experience. Rest assured that this activity does not require app downloads. Plus, it is device neutral and fast-loading. It can also be played by guests coming from different venues.

More to Come

To know more about these new services, you can check the samples from various brand marketing events. You can also message us so we can answer your questions and give you more information regarding these newest trends.

Waveplay Interactive is committed to providing unforgettable experiences for hybrid events in the Philippines. For this reason, we guarantee that we will not stop upgrading our products and services. In addition, we will keep designing new augmented reality apps that will benefit hybrid and virtual events.