Newest Modern Event Ideas You Must Not Miss

Virtual and hybrid events in the Philippines are fast evolving. With the continuous evolution of global technology, more products and services can now be used to improve the audience experience. For instance, you have probably heard about StyleBOT and the integration of events into the Metaverse. Are there other ideas that can bring your virtual or hybrid events to the highest level?

Waveplay Interactive will not stop developing apps and services that will help perfect events. From glam booths and other instagrammable programs, we now have a Metaverse platform for events. Aside from that, we have other exciting new products that you should check out!

Here are some our newest offers:

  1. Phonetroller This is a touchless or contactless gaming technology that will let your participants enjoy using their mobile phones. If you want to see how it is done, you can check out Glorietta’s Digiblocks at their Gamefest 2022.
  2. Spotlight Awards Wall If you plan for an award night, this giant digital plaque does more than a styleBOT. All your awardees will be thrilled to see their accomplishments being highlighted on a prestigious wall. It also offers a glamorous photo opportunity, since it serves as a glam booth as well. The microsite interface and this Spotlight Awards Wall are completely customizable. Thus, you can adjust them to match your brand or event.
  3. Heiio 2D Metaverse This is how we introduce the Meta world to hybrid and virtual events. This Metaverse platform allows participants to explore a virtual branded space and interact with other guests using their personalized avatars. It offers several incredible features, such as group chats, share screens, and broadcasts. Good thing it is browser-based so your guests do not need to download an app. Heiio is accessible on any gadget, and all ages will find it easy to use.
  4. Brandlens If you want to integrate TikTok-style challenges into your events, you need Brandlens! With this technology, you can conduct online auditions and user-generated video competitions. What’s more, the videos here can be shared on social media. You can also customize this platform to make it perfect for your brand. Brandlens is highly recommended for touchless events and digital campaigns.

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What are you waiting for? To level up your upcoming brand event, incorporate any of these services into them. Your virtual or hybrid event will surely be one of a kind. Feel free to contact Waveplay Interactive today for queries and live demos.