Reasons to Book StyleBOT for Your Event

Have you ever heard about the E! Glambot phenomenon at the Grammy’s? Popularized by Cole Walliser, this experience made the star-studded event more majestic and glamorous. And now, this glambot trend is in the Philippines already! Many local celebrities got to experience it in the recent Preview Ball through Waveplay Interactive’s StyleBOT.

What is Glambot?

To begin with, a glambot is an advanced camera moved around by a robot arm. For this to work, the camera will be directed at the video’s subject. This is not as simple as it seems, though. The glambot’s entire system is more complex than the normal photo booth camera. However, rest assured that the finished output is superb!

How about the subjects? Will they have a hard time posing for the camera? Nope. Actually, only little is required from them. All they have to do is strike a pose and the camera will do the rest.

Preview Ball’s StyleBOT

With the popularity and influence of Grammy’s Glambot, Preview Ball made sure its guests would also experience the same red-carpet grandeur. Thanks to Waveplay Interactive, this was made possible through StyleBOT.

Many popular celebrities graced StyleBOT. Some of them were Vice Ganda, Marian Rivera, Kylie Verzosa, and Alodia Gosiengfiao with her fiancé. You can check their videos on our website.

Reasons to Getting StyleBOT for Your Event

If you wish your guests to experience the E! Glambot trend as popularized by Cole Walliser, you should consider StyleBOT. The following are some of the reasons why your event must not miss it:

  1.     Celebrity vibe

Make your event more elegant with a celebrity vibe! If you want your attendees to feel like they are truly elites, let them experience StyleBOT. It would be like attending the Preview Ball themselves!

  1.   High-quality video

If you want your guests to go home with memorabilia that are worth keeping and sharing, this is your chance. The glambot offered by Waveplay Interactive here in the Philippines guarantees high-quality video production. Who would not be proud of this kind of experience?

  1.   Business promotion

If you want to attract more investors and clients to your company, this one is an effective marketing strategy. Everyone would want to be attracted to this Hollywood experience.


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