StyleBOT Services: Glam-Styles for Face-to-Face or Hybrid Events

Waveplay Interactive, one of the most dependable virtual event providers in the Philippines, offers StyleBOT services that visitors may find appealing. Because we live in a digitally connected society, most people are accustomed to StyleBOT designs that are both distinctive and presentable!

Did you know that guests can interact in person at a face-to-face event through the services offered by Waveplay Interactive? This is made possible by the company’s metaverse platforms.

Hybrid events are made fun and interactive with StyleBOT services. What are these StyleBOT services? Check the following sections:

#1 GlamShot Infinity

GlamShot Infinity is a 360 Selfie PH booth concept designed by Waveplay Interactive. It is a video booth concept inspired by Teamlab Borderless, a digital art museum in Japan. The good news is that you only need an 8×16-foot space, and we can change the scenery instantly, giving your guests the option of choosing from a variety of Infinity settings with a single setup.

#2 Vogue Cams

Waveplay Interactive, a metaverse supplier in the Philippines, brought you 360 Selfie—an E! Glambot from the Grammy’s as popularized by Cole Walliser—with a customizable video booth. This “Vogue Cams” concept for experiential events is taken in slow motion, processed, and given to guests on-site for instantly shareable branded videos.

#3 360 Selfie

Taking selfies has become an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. People use social media as a way of self-expression, and they aim to provide the best content on their own social media pages. As a result, we decided to promote a more advanced selfie for businesses on social media by giving customers what they want: the 360 Selfie.

With 360 Selfie, you can customize every encounter with the power of augmented reality to present your company goals and objectives with a spectacular 360-degree camera capture of your guests.

So, instead of just snapping a photo, record something! And, with Waveplay’s high-class augmented reality services in the Philippines, design one that will make others envious of your immersively creative activities and make your event the hybrid event in the Philippines that everyone wishes to attend!

Make it Instagrammable!

As a competent event organizer, you must ensure that your attendees have a good time while attending a gorgeous event. To meet their interests and demands for a certain occasion, your visitors must appear stunning while engaging in various StyleBOT services in the Philippines that are Instagramable!