Tips on Choosing the Best Event Hashtag for your Hybrid Event

Whether you are conducting face to face events, purely virtual events, or hybrid events, it is strategic to come up with a hashtag that will stick to the minds of the participants. However, choosing the right event hashtag is not that simple.

Waveplay Interactive, your multi-awarded interactive display provider in the Philippines, knows the need for a catchy hashtag. For this reason, we help our clients choose the best gimmicks for their hybrid or f2f events. One way we do this is by guiding them in creating event hashtags.

Importance of Hashtags

So, why do virtual or hybrid events in the Philippines need hashtags? Well, they are among the breakthroughs of the modern creative technology that we enjoy. Of course, they will not work without social media, which is the best avenue to market an event. They help organizations or businesses stay connected with their followers.

When created successfully, both the organizers and participants can easily track event hashtags on social media. This can help the participants stay informed with the event’s updates, while the hosts can find out about the market’s response or reaction to the event.

Moreover, if you want an event interactive in the Philippines, you should know what would stick with your target audience’s minds.

During the event’s early stage, organizers must think about what they want their hashtags to tell their participants. If the organizers have successfully locked their goal down, they can already actively use the event hashtag on social media for promotion.

To make sure that the event hashtags for face to face events, virtual events, or hybrid events will be remembered, organizers must first understand the factors contributing to a successful hashtag.

Tips to Come Up with a Great Hashtag

Here are some of Waveplay Interactive’s tips on creating successful hashtags for events:

  1.     Make it catchy.

The purpose of a hashtag is for the target participants to be able to quickly catch on. This way, they do not have to keep asking the hosts about what it is. Moreover, the hashtag must be relevant to the event’s theme.

If you are wondering how you can confirm that your event hashtag works, simply get feedback from your target participants. You can also ask your team to conduct a survey on how the target market responds to the hashtag.

  1.     Keep it simple.

The main goal of a hashtag is to keep the company, attendees, planners, and the event connected, so just keep it simple. Make sure your event hashtag will not give the participants a headache. To ensure that they will remember the hashtag, come up with something that is simple. Just stick to the basics and see to it that it matches the event’s theme.

  1.     The shorter the better.

Do not overwhelm your market by giving them a long hashtag. It is advisable to keep the hashtag short enough (but not too short) to help the participants remember it. This is a strategy often used in creative technology, which often comes with augmented reality activities in the Philippines.

Create Your Hashtag Now

So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are planning to have face to face, virtual, or hybrid events, do not take hashtags for granted. Just contact Waveplay Interactive for more tips on how to come up with successful interactive events in the Philippines.