Top Tips for a Successful Virtual Event

Virtual events are incredible tools that can be used in marketing and businesses during a pandemic. If done the right way, digital events are a low-cost way to interact with customers and give them great content. Thanks to many online platforms, brands and event organizers nowadays can achieve virtual event planning without geographical constraints. Here are some tips to consider for you to have a successful virtual event:


  • Understand your audience.


You need to have a solid grasp of your customer’s general disposition. Which social media platform are they more inclined to use? How tech-savvy are they? What types of offers or treats do they more respond to? You can send out surveys or start a discussion in your social media accounts. 


  • Make it exciting. 


Make your events interactive and plan a good visual. Images and video clips instead of pure texts can help your event remain engaging and eye-catching. Waveplay Interactive’s AR filters ( are a fun way to engage your audience. The customizable filters can incorporate interactive elements and more.


  • Create a promotion.


Once you have planned the event and worked out the technical side, you must catch the people’s attention. Yes, posting on social media is one thing but you can leverage it more powerfully. What you can do is to create a hashtag for example and have your customers use it in every post, coupled with incentives. 


  • Choose an effective platform. 


There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a platform for your virtual event. In the Philippines, Webplay Virtual Experience by Waveplay Interactive offers the most convenient tool for your next online event. Webplay ( is an online platform that offers everything you need from registration, video/livestream with polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths and virtual video booths, and even provides your brand with custom-made interactive games that suit your campaign. Furthermore, this browser-based experience has security access features to ensure your privacy. 


From the innovations of Waveplay Interactive comes Webplay AR, a web-based augmented reality tool that you can use for your digital events. With Webplay AR (, you can deliver an invite, present your product, create interactive games and many more. It is fully customizable with no apps needed to be downloaded. With just a click, you will be directed to an AR experience. 

If you have never hosted a virtual event before, don’t be intimidated. Online events are more scalable and is a great way to establish your brand and your product amidst the pandemic. If you are looking for help in creating a virtual event here in the Philippines, we are very much willing to help at Waveplay Interactive.