Types of Virtual Events You Can Choose From

Using a virtual events platform is now an exciting way for people to connect with other attendees in the same field without expensive travel costs. In addition, virtual and hybrid events have been the newest trends to help professionals interact and stay on top of their industries’ updates and best practices.

Understanding the demand for a virtual or hybrid event platform these days, Waveplay Interactive has come up with new services that can improve guests’ experiences. In fact, recently, we have developed a touchless or contactless Hybrid Photobooth, along with new interactive games, such as the Red Light Green Light Game and the Running Man Game.

We guarantee our clients that our creative technologists will not stop developing new products and services that can help enhance events in the Philippines. Our goal is to set a standard for virtual and hybrid events in the country.

Different Kinds of Virtual Events

Before going to the different features you can incorporate in your virtual event, it would be best to find out what kind of activity you will be hosting. So, what are the various types of virtual events? Check out some of them:

  1. Virtual conference- This is the usual kind of virtual event that most organizations do these days. It is normally attended by professionals from the same industry. Typically, a virtual conference lasts a day or even several days. It involves keynote sessions, workshops, breakouts, and entertainment.
  2. Virtual product launch- Product launching is another activity that uses virtual events platforms nowadays. This event is hosted by a company to showcase its newest products in front of potential customers and investors.
  3. Online networking event– This activity concentrates on connecting people who work in the same field or have the same interest. Typically, they use a hybrid event platform, allowing on-site meetups for some of the participants. The goal of an online networking event is to help its attendees develop professional relationships and connect like-minded individuals. Some of the features that a hybrid or virtual events platform has are breakout rooms for particular activities, matchmaking according to interests, and moderated discussion groups.
  4. Virtual career fair- Creative technologists have also made online platforms convenient for a virtual career fair. This one has been helpful, especially during this global health crisis, when many people have lost their jobs. With this kind of event, job seekers and organizations looking for new employees are connected. In addition, there are various online booths set up by the participating companies, and attendees can check out the opportunities and career paths offered.

Let Us Help You

There are other kinds of virtual and hybrid events available these days, and you can expect that more are coming. If you are having an event soon, find out which one is the most applicable to your goals.

Are you wondering if it is possible to include a Running Man or Red Light Green Light Game in your event? Or do you want a touchless Hybrid/Virtual Photobooth set up? Just contact us at Waveplay Interactive, and our hybrid or virtual events platform will make them possible for you.