Virtual Events and Marketing your Brand During COVID-19

During these challenging times, the main concern for brands and marketing teams is how to offer relevant and timely content to their target audience online. In order to come up with a plan, you have to establish your goals first and list down the things that you want to achieve. Once you understand what value you will offer and what your own vision is, you will better be equipped to start marketing your content through virtual events. What follows is a list of innovations from Waveplay Interactive that you can help you and your brand online.  

  • Webplay AR. With Webplay AR, the possibilities are limitless. You can deliver an invite, present your product and create augmented reality (AR) experiences for your target market. It is fully customizable according to the content that you want to deliver. The good thing with Webplay AR is that your audience does not need to download any apps, with just a click they will be directed to an immersive AR experience. It works on different devices, too! From laptops, tablets to IOS and Androids. You can use it as a standalone engager or as one of the activities in your own custom virtual event space such as Webplay Interactive. Check out this Webplay AR for Nido (


  • Web Games. What better way to engage your audience than with online games? Everybody wants to have some fun and Web Games are the perfect break in their hectic schedules. This is perfect as an alternative for activities/games that need elaborate set up in real-world settings. With activities and games that work via click, touch, drag or slide, you will never worry about how to keep your audience preoccupied. It is fun, entertaining and it allows you to educate your customers about your brand as well ( 


  • Webplay Virtual Events. During this pandemic, large event gatherings are not allowed. As an alternative, you can shift your events through virtual or hybrid. What you need is a stable, fast, virtual events interactive platform that will allow you to accommodate your audience and at the same time offer convenience. This is where hybrid and virtual events come into play. Hybrid events like conferences, training seminars and trade expo among others combine both in-person with virtual and digital components. Hybrid events are important because you will be able to reach a wider virtual audience that would otherwise be impossible due to quarantine restrictions. 

Webplay Virtual Events is the first customizable virtual events platform to launch in the Philippines. Webplay Virtual Events provide everything you need from registration, auditorium with polling and Q&A, chatroom, virtual photo booths, virtual video booths, networking, custom virtual booths, and custom‐made interactive games that suit your campaign.  This browser-based experience works on different devices such iOS, android, desktop, Mac and tablets. Very recently, the biggest virtual convention of the year in the Philippines, the PLDT PH Digicon was concluded and Webplay Virtual Event played a big role in its success. Check it out here