Virtual Events: The Way to Connect During Coronavirus

In these uncertain times where a pandemic has caused people to stay at home, it is quite challenging to hold events and gather a big crowd. Because of the recent virus outbreak, event planners and organizers should adapt and step up their game. One way to do this is through virtual marketing in the Philippines. Webplay Virtual Events is the alternate solution to big events during this quarantine period. With virtual marketing and online events, you can reach your audience even with the coronavirus going around. Here are some tips that will help you in organizing your first virtual event:

  • Get your audience to participate. Virtual events offer scalability and accessibility. It allows people to enjoy content, interact and more importantly, to connect. To further make this connection more enjoyable, Webplay Virtual Events has features like virtual photo booths and virtual video booths, games, live interaction, leaderboard, swag bag, and more. 
  • The concept. Check out this interactive game for ALcoPlus  and see how you can use the same technique to market your brand. Bottom line is, you should make it fun and light to curb the monotony of quarantine life. These custom branded AR filters can be tailored according to the concept of your brand. At Waveplay Interactive, creative inputs from the client and the brand are incorporated into planning and creating quality outputs that will be enjoyed by your target audience.
  • Make it productive. Everyone seeks to be productive during these times and you can use your online event as a platform for this. Check out Waveplay Interactive’s Play and Learn and see how you can make educational activities fun and rewarding. The best thing is that these augmented reality experiences can be shared through social media such as Facebook, thus your brand will gain more audience in the process.
  • Appeal to your audience. Kids and grownups alike enjoy engaging and interactive virtual events. In order to capture their attention, you have to upgrade your online events. One way to do this is through the use of the Live Virtual Puppet . This features a 3D virtual mascot that can be tailored according to your brand’s desire that can be featured in livestreams and webinars. These virtual puppets can answer questions, host games and interact with the audience in a fun and exciting way.

We will get through this crisis but in the meantime, innovation is man’s best friend. Brands and event planners should use alternative strategies that deliver well; virtual marketing is one of the keys. Contact Waveplay Interactive for more details.