Virtual Exhibit Halls, what are the Pros?

Just because your event is online, doesn’t mean that you need to forego your exhibit halls. Through exhibit halls, sponsors and exhibitors have plenty of opportunities to promote their brand, attract prospects and communicate their offerings to your participants. Even when your event is online, you can still emulate this experience through virtual exhibit halls. 

What are virtual exhibit halls?

A virtual exhibit hall is where your event sponsors and partners can show off what they have to offer in a virtual setting. It brings the physical booths we see in conferences and conventions online. It can be in the form of a waiting room or the first screen your attendees see when they log into your virtual event. 

The first thing to consider when securing a virtual event platform is an exhibit hall functionality. The levels of functionality may vary depending on the platform – whether booths can be customized, conversations can be had, and more – so you’ll need to consider the experience you’d like to deliver to your exhibitors. Platforms like Webplay Virtual Events allow the capability to design virtual booths with exhibitor branding. Several booth designs can be set up which can be branded according to the liking of your partners. Exhibitors can upload videos, pdfs, hyperlinks, logos, brochures and promotional materials that can easily be accessed by participants. 

What are the benefits of virtual exhibits? 

Logistics-wise, virtual exhibit halls are more convenient than on the ground ones. Exhibitors will save considerable funds by not having to travel or take time away from work to participate in your event. Aside from this, platforms like Webplay Virtual Events offer customized booth designs which reduce the amount of money and effort needed to design a physical one. 

With aerial views of the virtual exhibit space, attendees can see all exhibitors at a glance and can easily click on as many booths as they want to explore. There is increased visibility and interaction which drives the traffic. 

What makes a great virtual exhibit hall?

A good virtual exhibit hall is visually appealing and interesting. When organizing a virtual exhibit hall, it’s important to have booths that stand out and grab the attention of the attendees. The first thing that would be noticed are booth branding, colors, and logos. Thus, it is important to have custom-designed graphics and supporting materials that will capture the audience’s interest. It is also important to deliver your content in a concise yet impactful manner. The best way to do this is by using engaging videos. Exhibitors can use videos to tell attendees more about their brand, their services, and how they can help

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